Beef Boxes

At the very core of Brimpts Farm is our happy herd of traditionally reared South Devon cattle.  These gentle chestnut ladies run with Fergus, a fine young Aberdeen Angus bull to rear a beautiful flavour and quality meat for our Beef Boxes.


The cattle spend the summer roaming The Farm and benefiting from the heathery, highland goodness of the moor, before moving to the nearby lowlands of Swannerton Farm at Crediton to fatten up and mature in the sweet, herb infused meadows of Jim Stephen’s farm.

The meat is butchered at the Lang family Abattoir just twenty minutes away from Brimpts and hung for two to three weeks to ensure a delicious depth of flavour, before being processed and vacuum packed for our popular Beef Boxes.

You can taste and enjoy home reared Brimpts Beef in a number of different ways: you can buy a Beef Box direct from The Farm when you visit or you can ask Gabrielle to cook a beef dinner or prepare a BBQ for you while you are staying. If you would like to buy a Brimpts Beef Box online for personal consumption or as an unusual present for friends and family, please contact us.