Award Winning Farm Diversification

Brimpts Farm has been an integral part of the Dartmoor National Park’s landscape for generations and we hope to maintain this long into the future.  We try to ensure all our commercial activities are geared towards continued development and preservation of our natural resources for the benefit of this and future generations.

Underpinning all our activities at The Farm is the extensive production of prime South Devon Beef.  The cattle are crucial in managing the wildlife rich landscape as we seek to diversify into sustainable tourism in an ethical and environmentally conscious fashion.  We have an open access policy welcoming visitors to enjoy the rich bio-diversity around The Farm.  We try and encourage all our guests to support the local community and economy.

In 2009, Andy decided that it was time to reduce the Brimpts Farm carbon footprint with the installation of ‘Betsy’ the Biomass Boiler.  The project has been a great success; we have developed public awareness of our commitment to renewable energy and unlocked the potential of the sustainably managed woodland resource on The Farm.  Our carbon foot-print has reduced by seventy tonnes a year according to the Carton Trust and our residential guests benefit from guilt free central heating.  Best of all, a local group of like minded Dartmoor residents have collaborated to launch the Dartmoor Woodfuel Co-operative.

For more information on Betsy and all the associated benefits, please call Andy on 0845 0345968 (free phone).

"What a special place Brimpts is.  We hope to come back time and time again and enjoy the wildlife and the scenery whilst indulging in excellent food and hospitality.  But the very best thing about Brimpts is that it’s still a working farm and all around you there are constant, pleasurable reminders that this is the case. No traffic, no sirens, no overcrowding, no hustle and bustle, just the comforting sights and sounds of rural bliss".  (Liz Chudleigh)

Schools & Universities

We work in partnership with local schools, colleges and universities to champion sustainable development and try to deliver a hands-on farming experience for all our visitors.

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The Farm offers a range of activities catering to all our guests.

There is so much to do on and around The Farm, we can put you in contact with a number of local training and activity facilitators to make sure you have a happy and safe experience. 

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Farm Walks

Walking on Dartmoor is excellent and from Brimpts we offer a number of planned routes.  Self-guide leaflets are available from the Farmhouse where all the planned walks start.

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